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The New Year is an exciting time of looking back and looking forward.  Most of us make New Years Resolutions each January 1st, and most of us also forget them by January 30th.  Here are some tips for how to make your New Years Resolutions stick!

  1. Think about your motivations for setting this goal.  Write down why it is important to you to make this change or improvement.  Get as specific as you can.
  2. Consider how your goal could improve the world, relationships, or other people’s lives.  Goals have more staying power if they involve something larger than just ourselves.  For example: if you want to get more fit, you can think about your long term health and how you will be more able to serve and connect with others if you are more healthy.  Write about how your goal connects to other people and to your larger purpose.
  3. Get an accountability partner.  You are much more likely to follow through if you have a friend or loved one helping you along the way.  Tell a friend about your goal and ask them to check in with you periodically. Tell them why this goal is important to you.  Make a specific timeline for them checking in with you like every week or month and have them set reminders.
  4. Make your goal as MEASURABLE and SPECIFIC as possible.  This way you will know if you are meeting the goal.  For example, instead of “I want to earn more money in 2018” you can say, “I want to earn 10 % more money”  or instead of “I want to serve more people” you can say, “I will serve one person each month.”
  5. Break your goal down into smaller objectives and set a timeline for when you will accomplish each one.
  6. Make the goal attainable and do not make more than 3 resolutions.  Make goals that allow you to build momentum from small successes.  If you accomplish them all before the New Year you can always make more!  What you want to avoid is getting overwhelmed with too large of a goal or too many goals upfront.
  7. Pray and Meditate on your goal.  Sit in a quiet place and take a deep breath.  Close your eyes and visualize what it would be like to accomplish your goal.  See every detail of the goal being accomplished in your mind.  Feel what it would feel like to accomplish your goal.  And finally make sure to pray and enlist God’s help in achieving your goal.
  8. Be PATIENT with yourself and consider rewards.  Remember that you are more likely to stay motivated if you are patient and kind to yourself as opposed to being self critical.  Consider setting up some rewards for yourself as you accomplish objectives or continue to stay on track with your goal.

We all know we can’t control many of life’s circumstances, and thats OK.  Research shows that our outside circumstances only impact our happiness level by 10 percent.  This same research says that 45 percent of our happiness is up to us!  So get going on those goals, and make 2018 YOUR YEAR!