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Our book club book for May is “The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting” by Brenè Brown!!  In the years I worked full time with children and parents, and in my time working with mothers and women, this is the parenting book I have recommended the very most!!  It is powerful and relevant whether your kids are toddlers, teens, adults, or even just a dream for the future.  It has to begin with US.  Brené offers several amazing guideposts for parenting with whole-heartedness.  She states that “we can’t give our children what we don’t have” and begins with these powerful quotes that I love so much:

“One of the hardest things if not the most difficult thing that I’ve learned in the past decade of my work has been this:  Who we are is a much more accurate predictor of how our kids will do than what we know or understand about the science of parenting.”

“The most powerful meaning-making moments in our relationships with our children happen in these incredibly imperfect moments.”

“Love and belonging are our birthright and those are not on the table when I struggle.”

“One of the things we need to think about as parents is ‘What prerequisites for worthiness are we knowingly or unknowingly handing down to our children?’”

As far as I can tell, this book is only offered as an audiobook or on audio cd.  The cheapest version I have found is HERE for only $9.78, or for free if you sign up for a free audible trial.  It is only 2 hours and 6 minutes but there is a LOT of magic in her words.  Click HERE for a 10 minute clip of the book!

Download her book and follow along with us this month!  We would love to read any thoughts, quotes, ideas, etc that resonated with you!  Leave comments and let’s learn and discuss together!