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I cannot believe it is already the Monday before Father’s Day!  Buying Father’s Day gifts can be super hard!!  The best gifts I have given have either taken lots of time to put together something super meaningful and thoughtful, lots of money to buy something they actually want and need and wouldn’t buy for themselves, excessive preparation starting long before June, and occasionally just last minute luck.  The key of course is starting as early as possible…which happened this year but was definitely not the case last year.  Months ago husband mentioned that he needed new socks so we got him a big pack of boring ones and have been collecting fun ones for Father’s Day ever since!  He is getting a pair with quotes from The Office, a pair with pictures of fishing gear, a pair with pictures of scientists and American presidents, and probably more once I get them all out of hiding.  I also happened to find a quote stencil from a song he loves at a craft store a few months ago so my daughter and I are going to paint that this week…husband also likes to get a new tie each year that my daughter picks out (last year’s tie had Branch on it because she had gone on a Daddy date to see Trolls and they both loved it) but past ties were more wearable and cheap and usually bought at The Quilted Bear in Utah (wow I miss that store).  I felt like we had things covered until I discovered the first book on the list!  My daughter is so excited to give it to him for them to read together and we can’t wait for it to come!!!  

For anyone who needs ideas before Sunday, here are five books that we love that your kids can give to their fathers to read together!!

1. Dad by my Side

We are so excited for this book to come tomorrow!  The illustrations and message look so fabulous!  I will do an update when it comes with more info!

2. Just Dad and Me

This book is so fun for dads and daughters to do together!  Lots of playful questions, bonding questions, and humor!

3. Daddy Hugs

This has been a favorite since my daughter was a baby!  Such darling illustrations, fun colors for babies, and lots of lift-the-flaps!

4. Superhero Dad

We just discovered this book for boys to give to their dads and it is so darling!!!  I love the emphasis on all the things that superhero dads do for their superhero sons.

5. My Dad is Amazing

I LOVE THIS BOARD BOOK!!  It won’t come in time on Amazon prime but I have seen it at a couple different Target stores and HERE is a link to Barnes and Noble!!  Awesome illustrations and fun message!!

Hope this helps!!!  I will do a post months in advance next year so there is plenty of time to plan and order gifts, but these five books given by your children to their dads will be fun and sweet!!!